Who we are

Quem somos


Having been on the market for 37 years, today we have a sound, world-renowned position in the production of fronts for furniture. From the kitchen to the bedroom, through the office and living room, we pride ourselves on our presence on all 5 continents, in the homes of millions of people, doors, panels and drawers with our seal of quality.

 At Desicor we join our productive technology in the lacquered area with the specialised knowledge of our entire team and their focus on the quality of all the fronts produced.

Partner Customers

The partnership and focus on the satisfaction of all our customers positions us as the right partner in the search for solutions, whether for furniture or lacquered decorative complements.

 We are recognised for our broad capacity for industrial response and innovation.

Challenges Accepted

For us, a challenge is just a way of being, and we take on all challenges with the attitude of learning and the humility to start over.

From Quality to the Environment

Quality, Safety and Environmental Sustainability are pillars of our business and that's why we always go further for ourselves and for the planet.

Certified by ISO9001, ISO 28 000 and FSCĀ®, Desicor's current practice is to demand more and better. Good quality has no limits.

The rational use of materials, water and energy, as well as recycling and reuse, are processes that have long been ingrained in our organisation's DNA.

We apply the best environmental practices to production, starting with the use of 100% energy from renewable sources to the selection of raw materials obtained by sustainable means and respectful as regards environmental conservation, favouring suppliers who share our vision and modus operandi.

Desicor in the Desfo Group

We are a Desfo Group company, carrying out our activity in absolute synergy with other companies of the Group with a win-win dynamic.

We exchange services and collaborate on projects with other companies of the group, benefiting from the markets, skills and sharing of technologies between all companies. We thus expand our capacity for innovation and diversification of the responses we provide to our customers' challenges.