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Founded in 1984, Desicor has always attempted to achieve sustained growth and views market challenges as future opportunities. This business approach led the company to start producing furniture components in 2003, in a 10,000 m2 covered industrial unit.

Desicor currently has 28,000 m2 of covered area, maintaining its premises in Murtosa - City that benefits from an excellent location in relation to the city and port of Aveiro, and the city of Oporto. Our location has strategic importance given that it lies within one of Portugal’s main development corridors.

By investing in new technologies, Desicor focuses on the needs of different markets, positioning itself as a manufacturer able to offer customers a wide range of finishings and designs, characterised by innovation, rigour and an excellent price/quality ratio.

Our furniture components and Fronts are produced using rigorously-controlled raw materials, from the initial purchasing process to final reception, subjected to the tests and checks required by our technical specifications. Manufacturing processes are undertaken using highly reliable equipment, with 100% documented control.

The products produced by Desicor are supervised from the initial design and product definition stage, passing through all manufacturing operations until finishing and packaging. Our in-house laboratory permanently tests our products, in order to guarantee that customer requirements are met in terms of safety, resistance and durability. Every day, Desicor produces: 50,000 linear metres of wrapped profiles, 8,000 m2 of lacquered products using UV technology. These articles are packed as components or integrated within one of the more than 7,000 Framed doors that we produce every day in our automatic assembly lines.

The storage area for finished products, with a total area of 2,000 m2, has the capacity for 3,000 pallets, making it possible to prepare deliveries in an anticipated and secure manner, thereby guaranteeing rigorous compliance with the delivery dates agreed with our clients.

Recognizing the increasing importance of the energy management programs, Desicor commits itself to manage all energy related aspects of its activity as part of the business and of the current management system.

Energy consumption is one of the main environmental impacts of our business activity. With that in mind special attention and significance is given to the optimization of the use of this resource.

It is done a continuous monitoring of the consumption evolution to prepare and plan downsizing consumption measures.

Our strategy is oriented and focused on:

· To measure continuously the energy consumption and compare it with the production volumes – KPI;

· Stablish, implement, maintain and continuously improve an Energy Management System, allowing a systematic approach in order to achieve a continuous improvement of the energy utilization and performance;

· To instrument a sustainable Energy Management System, refining the energy use and continuously improve the level of performance;

· Improve energy performance, efficiency, utilization, consumption and intensity;

· To reduce the costs with energy and other environmental impacts by using a systematic energy management system;

· Be always proactive and pursuit continuous improvement;
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Desicor, Indústria de Madeiras e Cortiças, S.A.
Lugar da Arribação, Zona Industrial da Murtosa Bunheiro
3870-021 Murtosa

GEO:  +40º45’48.92’’
GPS:  40.7635, -8.6363